Reportage: New Livery for Lufthansa

Lufthansa remodeled their logo. The first plane that got a new paint job was a Boeing 747. Due to it's size, there was only one hangar in the whole of Europe where this could have been done, and that hangar was at Rome's Fiumicino airport. When I was asked to fly there to cover the last stages of this extraordinary operation and the plane's take-off the following morning, I didn't hesitate - despite the fact that I had to leave from Munich the very next day and probably wouldn't get any sleep the next 24 hours. And I didn’t regret it. It was an amazing experience; not only because the plane is really huge and there was only a space of about 10cm to the left and 10cm to the right of the plane's wings. But I could also move freely inside the hangar and outside on the taxiway, even pass underneath the plane while it was being pulled out, and witness its take-off from a prime spot next to the runway the following morning. Most of the time I used a 70-200, a 24-70, a 20mm lens and a GoPro Hero 5. 

Traditional Leather Pants Manufacturer

Some days ago I went to the small village of Riegsee near Murnau between Munich and Garmisch, where traditional leather pants manufacturer Michael Krippel lives and works. There are only about 20 leather pants manufacturers left in Bavaria, and only five or six of them, of whom Michael is one, work completely the traditional way, everything hand-made and no chemicals or other artificial materials used. If you order a pair of pants with him today, you won't get them before autumn 2018, because his books are full. Check out his website at - I used the natural light that came through the windows from the left and the front, and put one off-camera flash with a small softbox to the right, in order to imitate another window.

Doha, Qatar, Jan 03-11, 2017

Currently I am in Doha, the capital city of Qatar, where I am covering the training camp of FC Bayern Munich for German news ageny dpa. I think it is very important to be open-minded and look beyond your actual assignment. Because often the pictures that will stick in your memory wont be the ones from the assignment - in this case the training activities - but the ones you take on the side, the ones that show something of the culture and the experiences you make.

After the Flood

A few weeks ago, a small river turned into a deadly stream after heavy rainfall in Simbach am Inn in Eastern Bavaria. A few days later I went there for dpa to cover the aftermath. I happened to run into two guys, Georg and Michael, who have owned a record store for almost forty years. Their house was built right next to the river and only one record, one CD and a broken frame with a photo of Jimie Hendrix had survived the flood. Strikingly, the music CD that they found in the mud, when I was there, was "Welcome to my Nightmare" by Alice Cooper. But the two men hadn't lost their joie de vivre and were just happy to have survived!

all photos © Andreas Gebert/dpa