Reportage: New Livery for Lufthansa

Lufthansa remodeled their logo. The first plane that got a new paint job was a Boeing 747. Due to it's size, there was only one hangar in the whole of Europe where this could have been done, and that hangar was at Rome's Fiumicino airport. When I was asked to fly there to cover the last stages of this extraordinary operation and the plane's take-off the following morning, I didn't hesitate - despite the fact that I had to leave from Munich the very next day and probably wouldn't get any sleep the next 24 hours. And I didn’t regret it. It was an amazing experience; not only because the plane is really huge and there was only a space of about 10cm to the left and 10cm to the right of the plane's wings. But I could also move freely inside the hangar and outside on the taxiway, even pass underneath the plane while it was being pulled out, and witness its take-off from a prime spot next to the runway the following morning. Most of the time I used a 70-200, a 24-70, a 20mm lens and a GoPro Hero 5.